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Listen to an audio recording of the Winter 2011 issue of our quarterly justice journal, A Matter of Spirit.

Theme: IPJC Celebrates 20th Anniversary


  • "The Vision Presses on to Fulfillment" by Linda Haydock, SNJM
  • "Systemic Change through Personal Transformation" by Vince Herberholt
  • "Transforming Corporations for the Common Good" by Susan Francois, CSJP
  • "Journey of Discovery: NW Catholic Women's Convocations" by Maggie Kilbourne-Brook
  • "Gather the Women" by Barbara Mulvey Little
  • "Stories of Strength, Circles of Change!" by Giselle Carcamo
  • "Seeds of the Future" by Christine Cruz Guiao
  • "I Am Because We Are: IPJC Volunteers & Supporters"
  • Reflection Process: Sharing our Visions
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