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A conversation featuring Tommy Tighe, MFT who will address trauma and grief and how each manifests in the body. He will discuss personal trauma, looking at the gravity of the moment, and how one can transform trauma without transmitting it. Tommy will also offer insights on how our faith gives us hope.

A conversation featuring Avery Haller, MPH who will provide an overview of public health tools we have to impact mental health; the importance of creating just societal structures to support mental health.

Beaming and Voting, by Tricia Hoyt

Excerpts from "Conscience, Candidates and Discipleship in Voting," an address by Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego delivered on February 6, 2020.

God Help us Take Our Democracy Back, by Gretchen Gundrum

Ethical Journalists and Discerning Readers, by Christina J. Steffy

Politics, How we organize our lives together, by Troy Medlin

Proportional Representation, One Solution to End Voter Suppression, by Mohit Nair

We need more than civility—We Need Grace, by Beth Silvers and Sarah Stewart Holland

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