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Listen to an audio recording of the Spring 2009 issue of our quarterly justice journal, A Matter of Spirit.

Theme:  Water


  • "First Steps to Shrinking My Water Footprint" by Shiney Varghese
  • "Water Conflict and Resolution" by Stephen Gasteyer
  • "The Push Toward Privatization of water" by Richard McIntyre
  • "Think Outside the Bottle" by Patti Lynn
  • "Water's Sacred Meanings" by Gary Chamberlain
  • "A Female Responsibility" by Rose Bernadette Gallagher, M.M.
  • "Story of Hope:  The Bakhita Women's Project"
  • "Creative Responses to the Water Crisis"
  • Ritual & Reflection:  The Woman at the Well
  • IPJC Update Pages
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